Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Grave of Imro Fox

The first comedy magician, by all accounts, was Imro Fox. He performed with Servais LeRoy and Frederick Eugene Powell in the Triple Alliance. He was likely the template for Servais LeRoy's character of BOSCO in the Monarchs of Magic. In fact, Fox used to do a trick with a duck and a chicken and he'd remove their heads and switch them on the two animals. Later, Servais LeRoy added this effect to his show.

Isadore IMRO Fox is buried in the Oheb Shalom Cemetery in 1321 North Broad St. Hillside NJ. He is buried in Lot 1001, Block 59, Grave #3. His wife Pauline is also buried there in Grave #2

You can learn more about Imro Fox on my podcast

Special Note: On he is listed in both Oheb Shalom Cemetery and then in another listing being in Evergreen Cemetery. These two cemeteries are right next to each other, but they are separate. He is NOT in Evergreen. I'm going to try and get that listing removed. Photo below courtesy of Tom Ewing, and used with his permission.

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