Thursday, March 9, 2023

Zancigs, Julius and Agnes, Pioneer Mindreaders


Julius and Agnes Zancig were pioneer Mindreader during the early 20th Century. Their catch phrase was "Two Mind But With One Thought" They were very popular in their day. Agnes passed away  in 1918 when the couple lived in Washington D.C. . Julius remained and carried on the act. He eventually passed way in 1929 in Santa Monica California.

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Agnes Zancig- born 1849 in Copenhagen Denmark, died April 8th, 1918 in Washington D.C. She is buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery in D.C.  Section E, Lot 7, Site 2.

Julius Zancig - born 1857 in Copenhagen Denmark, died July 29th, 1929 in Santa Monica CA. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica, Section 10, Lot 26 D. 

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