Friday, June 22, 2012

The Kuda Bux Grave

Kuda Bux was known as The Man with X-Ray Eyes. I still vividly recall seeing one of his performances on TV and being dumbfounded by what I saw. I was told that at the time this performance took place, Kuda Bux was legally blind. I don't know if that was legit, but it sure made his exhibition even more impressive.

Kuda Bux died February 5, 1981 and is buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery. He is apparently buried in an unmarked grave behind the church as you enter the cemetery.

Forest Lawn Hollywood Hill Cemetery is located at 6300 Forest Lawn Drive Los Angeles, CA 90068
I believe the church is called The Church of the Hills, as that is the closest one to the front gate.

I want to thank Bill Bowers for graciously providing the information on Kuda's final resting place.