Monday, August 13, 2012

Alexander Herrmann Grave

photo courtesy of Richie Magic & Barbara Nista

Here lies Herrmann The Great! Alexander Herrmann, youngest brother to Compars Herrmann, son to Samuel Herrmann and wife to Adelaide Herrmann. He began his career assisting his brother Compars. Some say that he had been kidnapped by his older brother, but I'm not so sure. In any case, they worked together until Alexander was proficient enough to go out on his own. One of their more prestigious shows was for President and Mrs. Lincoln at the White House in Washington D.C..

Both Alexander and Compars were excellent magicians, but Alexander also added comedy into his routines. In addition, Alexander also played the part of magician off stage as well as on. When out at a restaurant or while shopping he would cause some magical event to happen that would surprise everyone around him. On a few occasions this impromptu magic show backfired and Herrmann had to scramble to 'fix' the situation. One example was when he produced a diamond ring while at dinner. He showed it to a waitress who said it belonged to her and took it. Herrmann had to plead with the restaurant manager to get the ring back.

Alexander Herrmann died on his own private train car on December 17th, 1896 while in route to a show in Pennsylvania. After he died, his wife Adelaide took over the show and brought in nephew Leon Herrmann to fill the spot left behind by Alexander.

Alexander Herrmann is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx NY in the Oak Hill section. Adelaide's grave is right next to his.