Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jack Gwynne's Grave

Jack Gwynne was an American Magician and movie actor. He was one of the few magicians who made a successful transition out of Vaudeville into other markets. As Vaudeville died, Gwynne created a show that could be performed at nightclubs and on dance floors. That meant that his illusions had to set up quickly and could be performed surrounded.

He is credited for adapting the classic Doll's House Illusion and creating a brand new effect called The Temple of Benares or Temple of An-Gee. During World War II, Gwynne and his family traveled overseas to perform for the troupes. He was a popular attraction and if memory serves was given the honorary rank of Lieutenant.

Jack Gwynne was also a movie star. He had an uncredited roll in Citizen Kane, and he starred in The Dark Streets of Cairo and Model Wife. After his movie star days were over and the nightclub venues began to dry up, Jack once again transitioned into another market, this time the school show market. Jack Gwynne was born April 12, 1895 and died on December 7, 1969. He is buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Colon Michigan next to his wife Anne, and along with many of magic's notables.

A photo of the grave can be seen here. There is also a map/diagram of where the various magic graves in the Lakeside Cemetery are, click here.

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