Saturday, December 5, 2015

Frederick Eugene Powell's Grave

Frederick Eugene Powell was born March 1st, 1856 in Chester PA.  He first became interested in magic by viewing the shows of Robert Heller, Signor Blitz, and Wyman the Wizard. Powell was a contemporary of Harry Kellar and Alexander Herrmann. For a time he formed a partnership with Servais LeRoy and Imro Fox, they called themselves The Triple Alliance.

Powell was a skilled conjurer, adept at both manipulation magic as well as large scale illusions. He presented a cremation illusion in his show as well as the very large Noahs Ark Illusion. He died very close to his 82nd birthday on Feb 27th, 1938.

During Powell's life he saw the Civil War first hand as well as World War 1. He saw the advent of radio and the movies. When he was alive people got from town to town either by horseback or by train. But during his life he saw the invention of the automobile as well as the airplane.

Frederick Eugene Powell is buried in an unmarked grave in his family plot at the Chester Rural Cemetery in Chester PA Plot: Sec K Lot 10 Grave 5