Monday, January 24, 2011

Dead Magicians/Conjurers

I don't know why but I am fascinated with the final resting places of the dead. Kind of a strange thing really. Maybe it was seeing photos of Houdini by grave sites when I was younger that put that into my brain, who knows. But today it's sort of a hobby, finding these graves and collecting images of them.

For the record I wanted to go with 'Dead Magicians Society' but someone had already used it and had quite a successful blog it appears. Though I think they stopped it in May of 2010, I didn't want to use a title that had been used prior. So instead I went with ' The Dead Conjurers'. Maybe I should have taken the 'dead celebrities' because I know I'll have graves of people that are not magicians on here.

I think it's important to remember these folks even though they have passed. They came before us and laid a foundation of magic that we stand on today. We should celebrate their lives even though they are not with us.

I hope you enjoy the samplings. The tomb above belongs to the man who published The Conjurers Monthly Magazine, was the first person to fly an airplane in Australia, was the highest paid act in vaudeville and is still the most famous magician of all time. Harry Houdini.

He is buried in Machpelah Cemetery in Ridgewood, Queens along with the rest of his immediate family. A more extensive piece on the Houdini burial site can be found here.

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