Monday, February 28, 2011

Caryl Fleming's Grave

photo used with permission of Allan Ellenberger
Caryl Fleming was an amateur who played a huge role within the magic community of Los Angeles in the early 20th century. Born October 13, 1894, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Over the course of his life Caryl was an actor, a director a writer, a magician, and a banker. He was one of the few who held a seat at the Inner Circle at the Final Houdini Seance on the rooftop of the Knickerbocker Hotel. He was a good friend of both Bess Houdini and Edward Saint. In fact, he was well known and liked among all the magicians in the LA area.

Caryl Fleming's remains reside at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, formerly known as "Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery". He is there among a number of very famous celebrities including Rudolph Valentino and Cecile B. DeMille.

I found this grave through Allen Ellenberger's website: 
He graciously allowed me to use the grave photo above. Please check out the link because he has a lot more biographical information than I do.

Also, IBM RING 21 in Hollywood is called The Caryl Fleming Ring and they have a very good biography of Caryl on their website as well.


  1. The link for the does not appear to be working. Perhaps they'll get it back soon.

  2. Saw Fleming's grave yesterday at the Valentino Memorial. He's in the same mausoleum as Rudy. Didn't even know he was there, we just stumbled on him.

  3. He's my great-grandfather. True story. Wasn't the nicest guy, treated my Nana like a peasant.