Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Grave of Anna Eva Fay

Here is the private mausoleum of famed mind reader and medium Anna Eva Fay. Though not a traditional magician in the sense we think of, she did use magic techniques to accomplish her feats. She admitted in her later years that she was a fake. Though during her time she fooled everyone!

She was born Ann Eliza Heathman in 1851 in Southington Ohio. In 1871 she married a man named Henry Melville Cummings, a medium,  who went by the name Henry Melville Fay. He was trying to ride on the coat tails of William Fay, the partner of the Davenport Brothers. Henry was not a very good medium, but Anna Eva was brilliant beyond words.

Anna Eva Fay became a headlining act all over the U.S. and England. Though she would be challenged and people tried to expose her, none could do it. That is until Houdini came along and he did not challenge her as much as simply revealed her secrets. Later, Fay and Houdini would become good friends and he even visited her at her home in Melrose Mass.

Anna Eva Fay died on May 20, 1927 of heart failure. She is buried in the family Mausoleum at the Wyoming Cemetery in Melrose Massachusetts.

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