Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Grave of Henry Ridgely Evans

Born in Baltimore Maryland on November 7th, 1861, Henry Ridgely Evans can trace his family heritage all the way back to the early colonial days of America. In 1878, he became interested in magic while attending a performance of Robert Heller in Washington D.C.

H. Ridgely Evans never became a performing magician, but instead focused on magic history. He wrote a number of wonderful books on magic including 'The Old and the New Magic', 'Magic and It's Professors', and 'The History of Conjuring and Magic' just to name a few. He also wrote for Stanyon's MAGIC.

He died at the age of 87 in Baltimore Maryland. (died March 29th, 1949)Mr. Evans is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in the Georgetown area of Washington D.C. His grave is in the Stewart Section, Plot #610 East. It is very difficult to find. It's near the back of the cemetery and the hills are treacherous, especially on a rainy day like it was when I was there.  The tombstone to the right is also from his family.

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